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You’re Not Hungry!

You’re Not Hungry, You’re Thirsty!!!

Modern society often produces a lifestyle of “busy being busy” that many people fall victim to and that keeps many of us from staying properly hydrated. One of the most essential ways of all to feel better, look better and ultimately just function better is to drink plenty of water and keep your body properly hydrated. So many of us are living in a chronic state of dehydration. When I began my health journey many years ago with yoga and holistic nutrition, I gained a heightened sense of wellness, and began actually feeling good for the first time in my adult life. During this time I received a big epiphany. Many of us will experience it at some point, but all in our own time. The epiphany is this: We have no idea how good it feels to feel good, until we actually feel good. What I mean is that we all think we feel ok, going about our day-to-day lives. Some of us are pain free, while most of us have either the odd symptom of dis-ease or a compilation of multiple symptoms. Yet somehow, not knowing what we don’t know, we convince ourselves of all of our own limiting beliefs and that this is how we are supposed to feel in our bodies. Collectively, we’ve lowered our standards to accept this state of feeling content in our bodies, without realizing just how amazing we are meant to feel in our bodies, every single day.  Until one actually makes the changes necessary to experience the feeling of their mind body and spirit operating at an optimal level, they have no idea what they are depriving themselves of. They will never experience the truly beautiful feeling of a having a fit and healthy body. So, to get our bodies to operate and function the way they were designed to, we need to first focus on hydrating the body with adequate amounts of clean, filtered water. It’s amazing how just this one change can alter so many symptoms and sensations in the body. Immediately you will feel increased energy, improved skin tone, better digestive function and better sleep.

We have created this busy lifestyle where multiple cups of coffee and soda have become normalized for the average person. Coffee and tea both act as diuretics and further dehydrate the body. Soda alone contains over a full cup of refined sugar, ramping up all kinds of inflammation in the body.

Adding more, and better water to your day can be a challenge for some people, but it is a lifestyle change that is sustainable and will give you immediate results insofar as improving your overall health, which will keep you on track with other health goals. Keep a water bottle on hand throughout the day and find a way to keep track of how much water you need to drink. Most importantly, stay committed.

We loose a lot of our hydration while we sleep at night, so the most important thing to do first thing upon waking up in the morning, is to drink a large glass of warm lemon water to rehydrate your body, regulate your pH and alkalize your body, and set your digestive system and metabolism for the day. Moving through the day, we often experience the groggy, brain fog afternoon slump, feeling tired and raging cravings for sweets and carbohydrates. This is the body crying out for water. Most often, we are not actually hungry, but rather thirsty!

Start today, by drinking 50% of your body weight in ounces of clear, filtered water, and let me know how you feel after 3-5 days! And, for all things health, wellness, happiness and freedom, subscribe to my newsletter and stay connected! XOXO

Love and Light,
Sophia V

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